About Me

My work is grounded in the user-centered design training I received at the University of Michigan's School of Information, where I graduated with a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction in 2006. I jumped right to Blenderbox in 2006, where I worked for 6+ years with companies, non-profits, startups, and fellow agencies. In 2012, I struck out on my own as an independent UX designer based in Brooklyn, NY.


I work online because I love the connectivity it fosters.

Great design connects people; I want to provide you with trustworthy advice and simple, clear designs that connect you with the people you interact with.


In addition to the day-to-day stuff you'd expect a UX Designer to do, I have experience defining and implementing broader research, information architecture, and content strategy processes. Here's a brief list of my research & design capabilities:

Research & Strategy

  • Stakeholder interviews to elicit requirements and set direction
  • Competitor research to understand the experiences your peers are providing
  • End-user research to gain clarity about your audiences through a number of surveying, interviewing, and testing techniques—too many to list!
  • Web analytics review to identify opportunities by understanding how people use your site today

Information Architecture & Content Strategy

  • A content audit to get a handle on what you've got, who owns it, and how it's managed
  • Content planning to help you make decisions about what to keep, what to revise, and what to toss
  • Sitemaps and workflows to map out new ways for users to experience your features, content, and brand
  • Annotated wireframes to represent navigation schemes, hierarchies of information, and all that other good stuff every site needs

Visual Design: HTML & CSS

  • I design in code, by hand, with a responsive, content-first approach.
  • Where appropriate, I use scaffolding like Twitter Bootstrap.

Other Projects

I provide moral support, web design, and homebrewed beer to Campbell Raw Press, a letterpress and bookbinding business Maggie Campbell and I started in 2008. I print nerdy greeting cards that have been featured by Swiss Miss, Gizmodo, and DailyCandy. And, of course, because I live in Brooklyn in the early 21st century, I'm an avid homebrewer.



B. A. with Honors in History, Grinnell College and the University of Iowa


Master's of Science in Information, Human-Computer Interaction specialization, University of Michigan


Lead UX Designer, Blenderbox, Brooklyn, NY


Independent UX Designer

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“Fitster: social fitness information visualizer” (2006)

“If your work isn't what you love, then something isn't right.” —Talking Heads